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The Vitals Of Where To Play And Advertise, Get Reviews, And Promotion

If you think your band knows the ins-and-outs of touring, the nous behind getting reviews, and the secrets to successful advertising and promotion, think again.

How To Tour. Part 3: Packing For Tour

You need to approach touring the way you would backpacking through Europe: you can only take what you can carry on your shoulders. Packing smart will keep the van comfortable.

Download Festival: Home Of Rock N’ Roll Or New Home To Mainstream Advertising?

It is no surprise that festival goers drink copious quantities of alcohol. Nobody likes to party and drink more than rock and rollers. The alcohol industry far from oblivious to this fact, and alcohol is being pushed more and more into this ‘arena’.

How To Tour. Part 2: Promoting Your Tour

Promotion within a city is specific to the avenues available in that area, but it all comes down to some fairly simple stuff. It just takes time and dedication.

How To Tour. Part 1

The point of this guide is the educate and inform those of you who’ve never hit the pavement in a van full of gear in pursuit of making it big. It’s often a long, arduous, and smelly journey but you get addicted and will want to do it again the second you get home.

Practical Tips for Touring

Marketing Methods By Tom Colohue. Part Eleven: Branching Out

A band that’s absolutely huge in one place might be completely unheard of twenty miles away, but that’s an untapped market with unlimited potential that you need to get yourself into if you want to draw wider attention.